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Knowledge: General safety requirements of LED lamps
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LED lighting products to the general safety

requirements you know  


To introduce the general safety requirements of LED lighting products, refers to the LED lighting shall be designed and constructed so that it can work safely under normal use, no harm to people or the environment.


In order to security products, must be 100% inspection of the project product factory:

A logo / rated voltage, frequency, power, temperature etc.;

Two. A test / function test;

Three pressure test (insulation);

Four. The grounding continuity test.

Protection against electric shock is divided into:

0 types of lighting lamps to rely on basic insulation: as a protection against electric shock, such countries prohibit the production and sale of;

I lighting lamp: protection against electric shock not only to rely on basic insulation, but also includes additional safety measures, which is accessible conductive parts connected to the fixed wiring of protection facilities in the grounding conductor, the conductive parts accessible in the event of failure of basic insulation can not live;

II lighting lamp: protection against electric shock not only to rely on basic insulation, and has additional security measures, such as double insulation or reinforced insulation, no protective earthing or rely on the installation conditions and measures;

III lamp: protection against electric shock on the power supply voltage for the safety extra low voltage, and no higher than the extra low voltage lighting (SELV).

Many small factories, is not what the safety consciousness, LED lamp can light up. Many engineers say LED lamps, a voltage will damage the LED lamp, this understanding is wrong, is not safe.

As a business, we must strictly control the quality of products, meet the safety standard requirements.

How much pressure you should hit the pressure in the production process?

I lamp, 2U+1000V/1 minutes

LED lamp protection grounding continuity and protection against electric shock

The LED lamp protection connection terminals and may become charged the most easily accessible parts between; to protect access to the key is more permanent and reliable grounding continuity, making detection protection earthing resistance is less than or equal to 0.5 euro.

So we must first determine which components to protect the earth, then solve the continuity of the need to protect the grounding parts and terminals,

1 after the completion of installation can be touched, and insulation failure can be turned into electrical components,

2 lamps clean and open a palpable, and the vast green failure may become live parts,

3.Safety components where the metal mounting surface  lamps,

4 and safety components in the lamp (such as wire, control device) metal surface contact or contact,

5 it is more important to the structure to ensure continuity between them.

6 yellow green color line marking the conductor, whether internal or external wiring wiring, should only connect with the ground terminal,

7. With self tapping screw nail can be used to protect the grounding continuity, as long as in normal use will not stand in the way of this kind of connection and each connection at least two screws,

8. aluminum and copper can not be directly connected to the ground, from the electrochemical reaction caused by contact resistance becomes large, affecting ground continuous low resistive.

9 measurement of grounding resistance, measurement equipment available to 12V, 10A detection, the resistance value is less than or equal to 0.5 in europe,

Note: the grounding continuity is the above points, with the national standards


Two. Protection against electric shock

Look at some pictures

Pictured above is the basic insulation of outer surface of the conductor, insulation is added to provide basic protection against electric shock insulation in the live parts

Pictured above is the supplementary insulation, additional insulation basic insulation independent insulation basic insulation failure, in order to provide protection against electric shock

Pictured above is the vast green double, double, a vast green green from the basic and supplementary insulation. The insulation


Pictured above is (all glass shell) to strengthen reinforced insulation insulation, an increase in the live parts on a single insulation system, it provides a degree of protection against electric shock equivalent to double insulation

Protection against electric shock


LED lamp should be made when the LED lamp according to the normal use of the installation and wiring and replace the LED light source (module) or electrical components and must open the lamp, if not the manual operation, the live parts is untouchable. On the outer surface of the basic insulation parts can not be used in lamps did not prevent accidental contact measure.

One should not rely on paint, enamel, paper and similar materials, insulation characteristics to provide the required protection against electric shock protection and short circuit protection;

Two. Lamp with capacitor capacitor is greater than 0.5uf, shall be fitted with a discharge device, the power and the rated voltage of the lamp off 1min, the capacitor voltage should not exceed 50V;

3. To provide protection against electric shock protection cover and other components should have sufficient mechanical strength, and should be secured in place and in normal operation not loosen.

Four. With the test finger to touch every possible position, if necessary by force of 10N, with a power indicator shows that contact with live parts, moving parts, including the Louvre, should be the most unfavorable position in the hand, if moving parts are metal parts, they should not touch the light or LED light source (module) live parts.


Below a ceiling to let everyone together to discuss the analysis of protection against electric shock, see Fig.

This product can meet the protection against electric shock? Some detection mechanism that is qualified, and some that do not pass.

First you need to determine whether it is live parts, if the power supply is a resistance capacitance step-down, non isolated power supply, linear power supply failure.

 only cover plastic beads, for non isolated driver, creepage distance should be enough. If I'm not mistaken, the plastic sheet only cover the edges of the lamp, it is certainly not qualified to judge.

Li Xiwen: it should be exposed screws have a problem

Fu Haiyong:

The 1 terminals at the bottom should have insulation sheet;

2 aluminum plate screw lock should be insulated film;

3 aluminum plate is connected with the electric can not see

Plastic sheet covered beads or beads to avoid empty, do not see the picture

See Figure

If the products outside the plastic cover with screws, the results are not the same,

Protection against electric shock safety extra low voltage 50V, mechanical strength and electrical clearance and creepage distance are factors to be considered.



So we must do lighting products safety in the first time, the price of,

Don't other people eat the Shenlong elevator lighting products!


Product safety and quality for each user's personal safety, but also relates to the credibility and reputation of the manufacturer.

Don't say "NO"

Begin from me! The conscience of LED products

Do you buy your products, the products meet safety standards?

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