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PSYLIGHTING,LED colorful Bluetooth music ball bubble lamp
Author:admin  Time:2015-9-24 11:49:57   Look:2126



A ball bubble, smart + wisdom


True 16 million colors, to color inventory select you to want to color, light is no longer white or warm light, you can choose color according to the environment, the atmosphere you want to create a.



Bulb shape, the Bluetooth intelligent lighting just made the shape of ordinary lighting, so it is easy to replace the existing lighting, music and color fill every corner of your house.

Awesome sound, the original 360 degree surround sound, has a true natural sounds, especially grasp the clear sound of high bass equalization.

Easy to install, and ordinary light bulbs as applicable to most of the E27/E26 lamp,


Exquisite packaging, gifts to share! Using apple or Android phones to download the manual code can be downloaded APP





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