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2016 Spring Festival, holiday arrangements notice
Author:admin  Time:2016-1-29 11:27:14   Look:1595

All personnel:

The annual Lunar New Year is near at hand, in this wish all the staff a happy new year, all the best!

In accordance with the national statutory holidays and the actual situation of our company, in 2016 the Spring Festival holiday specific arrangements notice as follows:

The Spring Festival holiday: February 2nd -2 month 15, 13 days, February 15th (Chu Ba) work notice!

Holiday notice:

Close the doors and windows, water, electricity, etc. before the holiday, do a good job of fire prevention and security measures.

The holidays and friends, pay attention to the property and personal safety, time to return to work,

If you cannot return on time please inform the supervisor for.

At last, I wish you a happy, detailed and spring festival!

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